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31 March 2006 @ 08:28 pm
They're never gonna keep me down...  
Thanks for being there friends!

I was reading this article in Seventeen yesterday and it was a checklist to see if your, "Friend" was truly your friend. It seems I have none. Really.

Whenever I ask people to do things with me....(Besides Brittany and Allison) it feels like a pain. Like, "If I'm in THE MOOD to come over, then maybe I will. But I don't really like seeing you anymore."

I know that after a long time of not seeing a certain friend you may feel like it's boring when you hang out...but that's because you haven't given it the chance. Look at your past livejournal entries and all the fun you used to have with that SAME FRIEND....

....And then maybe it will change your mind when you cancel.

<>< Shannon